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  1. Mike Kirkby says:

    Donated on behalf of Neil Alexander who won our annual EzeScan Office Xmas Decoration competition.

  2. Jake Sanders says:

    Just watched you on Inside Story, Jake is 10yrs old and a massive Lee fan too. Oh and he loves your ute and thinks your bull bar is awsome. Keep up the great work Keely you are a bludy legend!!

  3. Andrew Small says:

    I was touched after seeing your story on Inside Story tonight. As a father of two small children, I dont know how I would handle things if they fell ill. Your positive attitude and commitment to your cause is inspirational.
    I hope this donation sees you closer to your goal.

  4. Julie says:

    Saw Keely tonight in Inside Story. Such an inspirational young lady. I wish her well and hope everyone that saw the story donates and helps her reach her target. Stay strong Keely.

  5. Greg Sorrell says:

    Saw the Channel 9 show tonight & wow, Keely you are such an inspiration. I’ve immediately made a donation as this is a Charity all Australians should support & hold close to their hearts.
    Hopefully you’ll have +$1 million in donations by tomorrow.

    Will now do this as a regular Donation, well done Keely, you a great singer & a great person !

  6. John Evans says:

    Keely is one of the most inspiring people I have had the benefit of seeing ( television program )
    It would appear that these children who are suffering so much are given extra strength and determination ( maybe by some spiritual force ) God bless all of you .

  7. Jojo Martin says:

    Hey keeley,
    Saw you on TV last night , beautiful girl inside & out a, a truly inspirational young lady had myself & my husband in tears . Know you’ll get that $1,000,000 your hoping for . Keep strong sweetie we are all behind you .
    Sending love & hugs .
    The Martin family 😘😘

  8. Bradley Parratt says:

    Hi Keely, I hope you keep well and I hope God blesses you. Keep fighting on for yourself and kids with cancer! I have had two brain tumours and have been on grown hormone injections for many years in the past.

  9. Karen Parkyn says:

    Thinking of you beautiful girl and all the other brave children and families facing cancer.

  10. Malcolm says:

    As an adult i have managed my own cancer journey and had an excellent oncology team as well as fantastic support at home from partner and Family. also had excellent health & determination to start with.
    It is not fair and just baffles me as to why so many children are having to battle cancer.

  11. Rob says:

    Your story is one of courage strength and endurance which touched our hearts .
    Thank You for sharing with us. We are are better people for it..x

  12. Christine Twidale says:

    Proud to make a donation to the Golden Octopus Foundation on behalf of the Twidale and BMX family

  13. Tracey Rogers says:

    Hey Keely you my dear are such a inspirational person. The Rogers family are honored to hear your journey of life . If only the rest of the world could see life thru your eyes what a wonderful world this would be. Who needs paradise we have Keely.

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